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Today I was watching Vlogbrothers videos on Youtube from 2008, and a few of them were about the 2008 Presidential elections in the US, and it reminded me of the times I went to vote here in Australia.

I have to say, I have no interest in politics (the closest it came was while watching The West Wing). I believe the majority of politicians (if not all) are greedy lying bastards that say they will work for the people when actually they’re only doing it for themselves. Now I’m sure there are some honest-to-god politicians that do their best to change things for the better… but yeah, I still think it would be fun if we did as The Land Down Under (from the Discworld book The Last Continent does with their elected politicians; put them into jail as soon as they’re elected. Ah, Discworld, never change.

Having said that politics are boring, I find elections are the opposite. I actually find them fun! Why this is, I have no idea. Maybe because it’s fun watching the different political parties fight over votes just like how little children would fight over toys, or maybe because watching the map of different areas turning blue or red and imagining each area has a little army and would fight to see who wins. Or maybe because elections give me an excuse to get out of the house on a Sunday morning, and actually walk through my suburb and check what has changed and what remains the same.

Election day is one of the few days I actually enjoy walking through my suburb, earphones in my ears and me just thinking about the place I have lived in for the last 8 years1 I don’t know what it is about this particular day that makes a walk so enjoyable, but I find myself always looking forward to the next elections. And watching the parties fight like mad dogs.

  1. Other such day is when the power goes out so I can’t use neither my laptop or the Internet, which forces me to go for a walk.

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  • I’ve never watched anything that has politics in it. I find it so dull and boring. I think I’ve only voted once? The first time being last year. I don’t know why I was so amused by it. It was really quite exciting even though I didn’t really give a toss about my vote.

    I don’t think you need elections and these kinds of things for an excuse to get out. :P I’m thinking of using the excuse “I want to take pictures of my neighbours’ roses… tehehehee”. I think that politics is just adults fighting in a board game, like you said. I remember playing this game called Risk where you had to occupy as much territory as you could. XD


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